Food Photography Workshop



A food photograpy workshop was held at Darwin High School on Thursday 12th May, 2016.

 PD Notes

Dina McQuillan, Darwin High School Photography teacher, prepared an intersting and informative workshop for the attendees. With the boon in food photography and the importance of images to student assessment, participants were keen to learn any tricks of the trade Dina could impart to help us to improve our own and our students' images.

 Carmel Carol           Carolyn Tony


Participants were encouraged to bring either a camera or a phone, which ever they were most likely to use in the classroom, and something to photograph. Dina explained some of the basics about camera settings and assisted participants to better understand the functions on their cameras. She explained the importance of light and recommended natural filtered light as the best option. We explored using a reflector to light the image and reduce some of the shadows. This was just as effective with white card as with a professional reflector.

 Dina Tony

THis shows the positioning of the refector, taken outside using natural filtered light.

AA Friand 1 AA Friand 2

In the example above, a reflector was used to fill in and remove the shadows.

Cookies  cake

We also experimented with different backgrounds and Dina explained how to set up to provide a seamless background which best shows off the food. She encouraged us to use differnt textured backgrounds, but the golden rule is not to let the background dominate. If you notice it, its too much. They eye should go straight to the food. Another nice technique for a close up, for example on a cookie, is to use the remainder of the batch as the background, slightly blurred if possible.

Vic Dina Cert

PD Coordintator Vicki Potter wpresenting Dina McQuillan with a Certificate of Appreciation.

We were most grateful for Dina's generosity in sharing her expertise with us. As a senior secondary teacher, she completely understood our pressures and our limitations and structured the information to make it something that, with a little planning, we could all achieve in our classrooms.