Fabulous Fabrics Workshop

In September we were treated to a 'Fabulous Fabrics' workshop by Anne Mitchell from Genesis Creations. Anne (along with her team of paint technicians) has developed an amazing produce called 'Liquid Radiance' which she is at pains to point out is a paint, not a dye, but it acts like a dye. The colours that can be achieved through mixing these nine small bottles in varying amounts is astounding. It will colour any fabric, it is safe, non-toxic, economical, water soluable and easy to use - a teachers dream!!

                         DSC 0239        DSC 0265

The workshop was attended by a small group of HEIA(NT) members and a few interested art teachers from nearby schools. Cathy, Carmel, Jenny, Penny, Petroula and Wayan had a most productive day, learning lots of simple yet effective techniques we could use in our classrooms. Scrunching, splotching, squeezing, twisting, five finger foam brush, sun bleaching, sock colouring...the list went on! Everyone went home with a large number of samples to bring liquid radiance into the classroom and beyond.

DSC 0264    DSC 0308 

Following this workshop, the inspiration bug took hold and the Stage 2 Child Studies class at Darwin High School used the liquid radiance One Colour Socks method to make over 170 pairs of socks to raise money for Syrian refugee children.

                                             DSCN0641       DSCN0617