2015 Christmas Function

HEIA(NT) End of year dinner was held on 4th November at Pavonia Place, Nightcliff. It was a little early for Christmas, but with such busy lives and the end of year being so frantic, we decided to get in early.

DSC 0322

It was a great night and the food lived up to its reputation and did not disappoint. It was wonderful to have two of our newer young members attend, Sevasti Redwood and Petrolua Yiannakos. Petroula was voted in as the new secretary in 2015 and has been doing a sterling job. Thanks must go to Vicki Potter who did the job for 5 years prior and set up systems that have made the job much clearer. In her newer role as PD coordinator, Vicki has facilitated professional development that has kept us informed, entertained, excited and having fun.

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It was lovely to see Tina and Isabella again. Isabella is growing fast and is very social and animated. Tina is obviously enjoying her time as a full time mum and Isabella is keeping her very  busy.


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It was fantastic to see Miriam again. With her busy prinicpal's role it is rare that we get to enjoy her company at HEIA events, so it was a real treat. Jenny has continued to do the public officer job but also organised our charity Kris Kringle for this year where we could choose a sustainable gift such as chickens to help a family in need.


DSC 0331 Tony has been doing a marvellous job as treasurer and we arengrateful that he is happy to continue in this role. I have even had vendors comment on his efficiency - asking them for invoices before they have even generated them!


DSC 0330

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Caralyn Dea back to HEIA(NT). Caralyn has kindly accepted the invitation to be our HEIA National Council delegate. Caralyn will accompany Carmel to the December meeting where Carmel will bid farewell to council. Caralyn will take on the position in 2016 and we look forward to having continued significant HEIA(NT) representation on the national council.

2015 has been a great year for HEIA(NT) thanks to the efforts of the Committee and we look forward to this continuing in 2016.

Penny McIntyre

President HEIA(NT)